Five Kitchen Gadgets you need in your life.

During lockdowns and curfews, many of us have been embracing our inner chef and recreating our favourite recipes, trying new ones, and experimenting in the kitchen. In doing so, many of us have either learned new ways to incorporate the kitchen tools we've had collecting dust or found holes in our repertoire when it comes to kitchen tools that make completing certain recipes easier. Here are a few gadgets we think will making cooking easier for you.

1. Kitchen Timers

Kitchen timer on branded colourful background
Kitchen timers starting from $22.50

AHGC provides many different styles of kitchen timers to meet your needs. From digital to analogue (shaped like everything from eggs to fruit), we have a wide range of speciality and general timers. Kitchen timers are a crucial gadget to have as they allow us to ensure optimal results every time -- no under- or-overcooking (burning).

2. Kitchen Scales

Like our timers, our kitchen scales have many different styles to meet ur needs (be it decorative or plain). weighing scales are a very important part of cooking because correct portioning is what makes our meals perfect and scales are essential devices used to help you measure the objects in a very precise manner. However, choosing a good quality kitchen scale is indeed hard but at our local

Digital and Analogue timers available from $28.30

store, you can be sure to find many accurate scales.

3. Oven Serving Dishes

Nachos, baked mac and cheese, lasagne, cottage pie, and a host of other one-pot dinners are made possible with oven-safe serving dishes. These dishes, often ceramic or glass, make the job of cooking and serving dinners that take full advantage of our ovens possible. We recommend stoneware as a cross between ceramic and cast iron giving optimal sear and heat conduction for almost any dish - sweet or savoury.

4. Espresso Makers

Dehlonghi Espresso Machine $1,552.50

Do you enjoy making espresso? well here's your chance to get your espresso makers. we have both stovetop espresso makers and fully-fledged espresso machines complete with milk steamers. Buying this machine is something you will never regret. From the joyous flavours that come with pulling your own shot to the money you save on getting your daily dose, a latte, macchiato, or Americano is something to always look forward to no matter the time of day.

5. Magic Bullet Blenders

Smoothies, sauces, salsas, soups, and everything slurpy is made possible with the right

Magic Bullet Blender with shown attachments $600

blender. Magic Bullet blenders are compact, powerful, and ready to go with a 250-watt motor, stainless steel blades and blender jugs with resealable lids and handles, all of your blender needs are accessible with a simple flick of the wrist.

Whether you are a master chef or water-burner we have everything you need to jumpstart your culinary goals at Antigua Home and Garden Centre. Call us at 562-0268/69 for more information on these or any other of our plethora of kitchen products on display at our showroom on Michael's Mount.

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