Get your Hurricane Season Must-Haves

Hurricane season is upon us. Allow us to help you prepare your family and home.

Hurricane season is upon us once more, and though we hope to be blessed with a peaceful season, climate change and many other factors mean that we do not always get the uneventful summer we crave. That's why it is important to be prepared and protect our family and our homes with the best contingency items that money can buy. Our outdoor and garden department is fully stocked with buckets, tarpaulin, and so much more at Antigua Home and Garden Center.

We also have a blue 10x12 tarpaulin for $45.50 to keep your possessions dry and a wide array of sleeping bags and blow-up mattresses in many sizes and finishes starting from $132.50.

When it comes to storage, we also stock plastic storage solutions from Sterilite to keep clothing, important documents, and other items safe and dry. See some of our highlighted new storage items in the slideshow below.

Our friends at Antigua Plumbing and Hardware Centre have also got you covered this hurricane season with generators, plywood, roof screws, and so much more! Keep your electronics charged and the lights on with a 2500 KWV generator from Honda at $2185.00 or a 6500 KWV generator for $6509.00. They've even got 2" roof screws to fortify your roofs for just 60 cents each. Need lumber? No one can beat their prices or selection for lumber and plywood in various sizes and finishes. Call them at 462-1496 for more information.

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