Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to pass on some of our hottest tips for making the day special for your mother or mother figure. We are launching this series of gift ideas that fit different income brackets to show that you can still let your #1 lady feel the love no matter your budget.

Fifty dollars is a really great starting point for:

The mother who loves classy storage solutions

Whether it is for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, storage is always a good idea for the mother, who seems to have everything. Our upgraded storage solutions are designed to be as beautiful and decorative as they are practical.

The mother who is serious about her beverages

Whether it is wine and whisky or passion fruit juice and tea, get her something she can use to serve her favourite drinks in style. We have Antigua's widest selection of drinkware and glassware, plus teapots, kettles, and more. From crystal to acrylic, we've got your back.

The mother who is a true chef

Is your mother's Christmas dinner the talk of the town? Have you always told her that she's a natural in the kitchen? Get her the kitchen tools that will make her life easier, from a quality chef's knife to dinnerware fit for her kingly feasts.

The mother who is nurturing her green thumb (or at least wants to get good at faking it)

Ceramic plant pots, garden tools and seeds, live plants, and decorative artificial ones are available to add some greenery to your mom's life! Antigua's widest selection of seeds, fertilizers, indoor and outdoor plant pots and planters, and more are at our Michael's Mount retail floor.

Whether it's any of the above items (or just a gift card for $50), we invite you to come visit us and see all we have to offer make mom feel like a million bucks -- no matter how much you spend.

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