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We are constantly on the look out for passionate and ambitious individuals for our sales, warehouse, marketing, and administrative teams. 

See below for any open opportunities. If you are applying for a role PLEASE send an email to with your NAME and the POSITION you are applying for in the subject line.

Only candidates considered for interview will be contacted. DO NOT call us or drop off physical applications as they will not be considered.

Junior Warehouse Clerk

We are hiring a Warehouse Clerk to work at our Michael’s Mount showroom and adjoining warehouses. This role would be responsible for the following duties: 

  • Maintaining proper customer service etiqette at all times;
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing merchandise of the company;

  • Executing FIFO strategy and stock management best practices as set by management;

  • Loading and unloading items from containers and trucks;

  • Preparing outgoing shipments as per the schedule;

  • Organizing items in the routine place according to the warehouse terms;

  • Inspecting the stocks and reporting about the damaged products;

  • Maintaining inventory stocks as well as shipment records;

  • Packing items in a systematic way;

  • Managing cleanliness and tidiness of the warehouse on a day to day basis; and

  • Following all the warehouse safety procedures and guidelines.

This role is both customer service- and inventory organization-oriented. As a result, a prime candidate for this role must fit the following requirements:

  • Ability to lift large or heavy objects;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;

  • Extraordinary customer service abilities;

  • Ability to pay close attention to detail;

  • Excellent counting skills and the ability to pack items attractively;

  • Quick decision-making abilities;

  • The ability to operate Forklift as well as other machines used in the warehouse is a plus; and

  • Prior experience working as a Warehouse Clerk, Warehouse Associate, or a similar role in a Logistics Department or retail environment is an asset.

If you feel that this role suits you, apply at

Sales Associate - Garden Agriculture

This role is a customer-facing role in the agriculture and farming department at Antigua Home and Garden Centre.  Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring quick and efficient customer service at all times;

  • Assisting customers in identifying items as required;

  • Ensuring that the shelves in the store and warehouses are neatly packed, free from dust, and replenished promptly;

  • Ensuring that all goods are displayed and carry prices and barcodes for easy identification;

  • Promptly bringing to management’s attention the inventory status of goods that may be out of stock on the shelves or in the system;

  •  Reporting to management any extraordinary events that may occur during the course of business;

  • Greeting customers in person and via phone and directing custom inquiries to appropriate parties;

  • Assists in the opening and closing of the retail floor by surface cleaning the surrounding area;

  • Monitoring items for lot number consistency and expiration;
  • Inspecting items being purchased to ensure they are the accurate price and free of damage and discoloration; and

  • Educating customers about the effectiveness of and how to use items in the section. 

A successful candidate’s profile will include:

  • At least 5 CXC subjects including Math and English. Certification in Agricultural Science and Office Administration is a plus;

  • At least 2 years of customer-facing work experience;

  • Welcoming and helpful attitude toward guests and other team members;

  • Effective communication skills;

  • The ability to work both independently and with a team;

  • The ability to resolve guest questions quickly on the spot; and

  • A curious and eager disposition.

If you feel that this role suits you, apply at

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